Noble Blinds is Open for Business!

Noble Blinds has opened its first store in historic Greenpoint Terminal. We offer a large selection of refined Hunter Douglass window coverings.

Window treatments greatly evolved from simple piece of fabric serving  decorative purpose and providing some privacy. Latest construction trend is large glass façade with enormous windows. On one hand, it’s beautiful, on the other… it created a need of light control, sun protection, and energy preservation. Hunter Douglass product is designed to address these issues.

Is it solar shades, horizontal or vertical blinds, rollers or any other window treatment, let us help you to properly choose the right product.

Numerous collections, solutions, fabrics, textures, materials are organized in the most helpful way.

Test it, see it how it works, choose what’s right for you.

See different level of transparency for different rooms.

At the same time, the décor aspect of window treatment has not been overlooked. See how your living spaces can be transformed by properly chosen shade.