About Noble Blinds

Our custom measuring service guarantees that your blinds will fit perfectly.

Focus on Design

At Noble Blinds we consider window treatment as so much more than sun protection or a simple tool to privacy.

Well designed window coverings enhance and complement your home décor. They create soothing atmosphere, raise ceilings, change the shape of a room, and hide shortcomings.

Properly chosen and designed window treatments create a statement.

Located in the historic Greenpoint Terminal, we offer the complete line of quality Hunter Douglas window coverings. Come and explore a wide variety of materials, and options of solar shades, blinds, and shutters.

Bring a few pictures and our staff will guide you through the process of choosing the correct type of shades, blinds, or shutters. Our technicians will properly measure and install your chosen product.

You are welcome to take advantage of our “Shop-at-home” program. Make all your decisions in the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget to ask us about motorization options.